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EAS does numerous system certifications against the International standards and customer requirements. The uniqueness of EAS is that, EAS auditors are real time experts in that relevant fields and guides the organizations where the system can really go wrong.

Every system helps the organization to systematically consider its risks and opportunities and overcome such issues with involvement of employees and interested parties.

If an organization is majorly driven by systems and less dependent on individuals means it is a clear indication of organization’s healthiness and such organization thrives through continual improvement and sustain in any competitive environments.

In 1987, the system certification was proposed for Quality Management and later based on the success it received, other system certification was introduced such as System for managing Environment, System for employees Health and safety, System for food safety, System for Information Security and System for Energy Management are examples.

Any Management System is a Management Tool, which helps the management to effectively control and find opportunities for continual improvement.

Certification of any system through an expert body helps the organization to steer the system in the right direction, identify the flaws in the system and effectively improve the system. Certification also vouches that the organization has implemented and maintains a internationally valid system and it meets the organization’s policy.


    ISO 9001 is also known as Quality Management System (QMS). EAS provides certification on ISO 9001:2008, third and latest version. Every activities of your organization is sequenced in process method and is preplanned before execution of processes, organization itself evaluates its system to fix the gags to improve further continually.

    EAS simple certification process is designed in such a way that the process ensures that your organisation’s proposed system for certification, meets the minimum requirements of this international standard, Is system tailor made to suit your organisation exactly?

    EAS also ensures whether the proposed system is efficient and effective to continually support and improve your organisation to keep your business in par or well ahead of your competitors, thus ensuring more profit to organization. EAS also verifies the system’s ability to correct errors and develop further etc.

    To apply, please download the application form (ISO 9001 application.pdf) and complete the form and send it back in the mail id given in the contact us page.

    If you still find it difficult, call our customer care @ 9962590571 for your assistance.

    You can also send your requirements through (contact us).


    Benefits of ISO 9001 certification

    • Improved efficiency of the organization system.

    • Scope for continual improvement

    • Improved and consistent product quality.

    • Able to correct your errors.

    • Increased employee job satisfaction.


    How much time is required for certification?

    On successful completion of your contact, we commence stage 1 audit with-in a 3 days and on closure of Non conformities, if any, Stage 2 audit will be conducted in a weeks time. On successful completion, you will be awarded certificates within 7 working days.



    EAS gives a transparent pricing scheme, please discuss with our customer care executive to avail the exact cost for your organization as the cost varies based on the following

    • several factors such as size

    • Number of employees

    • scope of certification

    • Number of sites etc.,


    ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System covers organisations’ internal system in mitigating the impacts due to your organisations’ activities/aspects. Further, it covers the international agreement and treaties and also the legal requirements by the government and local bodies pertaining your organisation. Any type, kind, size of organisation can implement and avail ISO 14001 certification

    EAS Procedure for certification

    Please download the application form and send it back after filling the application. You can send the details to us through or contact us to know further details.


    Please refer the procedure for certification of EMS.


    Benefits of EMS

    • Adhering to government regulations.

    • Being environmental responsible you are appreciated and accepted by banks & Financial Institutions

    • Productivity Increases due to better environmental performance

    • Being in good books of customer, even international customers.

    • Maintain good public image and relationship

    • Employee health and safety is enhanced.

    • Opens-up new trade avenues, new customers.


    Time frame

    EAS can provide immediate stage 1 audit, if your application is successfully accepted. Stage 2 audits will also be commenced after closure of non-conformities, if any, identified during stage 1 audit.

    Upon successfully completing the stage 2 audit (please refer certification rules), certificate will be issued subsequently. Certification charges



    Charges vary from organization to organization. EAS has transparent fee structure and it covers the following

    • Risk Factors

    • Number of Employees

    • Size of Organization

    • Multiple sites

  • ISO 22000:2005 CERTIFICATION

    Empowering Assurance System (EAS) provides certification and training in ISO 22000:2005 – An International Food Safety Management Standard (FSMS).

    ISO 22000:2005 supplements and combines the basic elements of HACCP and ISO 9001. It also provides an effective framework for the continual improvement, development and implementation of a FSMS.

    ISO 22000:2005 standard also aligns with other management processes such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to enable effective system integration.

    EAS offers a wide range of ISO 22000:2005 training and certification courses designed to help you accomplish one of the globally recognized quality management systems.

    FSMS gives your organization a global competitive edge with ISO 22000:2005 certification and establishes a quality framework in your place. Meet your business targets with improved efficiency and cutting costs.

    Click here to know more about the cost of ISO 22000:2005 certification!


    BENEFITS OF ISO 22000:2005 :

    • Increases operational efficiencies and reduces operating costs

    • Continual improvement of processes and improved risk management

    • Greater traceability and consistency of product.

    • Improved stakeholder, suppliers, employee relationship and customer satisfaction.

    • Achieve regulatory and statutory requirements of legal compliance through management reviews and internal audits.

    • Proven business credentials and procures more businesses.

    • Accomplish safety, quality and legality.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Connect with us right now! EAS authorities will be glad to discuss the solutions for your needs!




    Empowering Assurance System (EAS) offers organisation with ISO 27001 certification for their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

    It is of supreme importance to organization for safeguarding their company data and client information against potential threats.

    ISO 27001:2013 standards will integrate a robust information security management system in your organization and ensures the safety, quality, product and service reliability of your organization.

    EAS help you to maintain your business to the highest level.

    EAS uses an accelerated certification technique to ensure that you fully comprehend with the latest ISO 27001:2013 standards.

    With a blend of interactive sessions, classroom teaching, workshops, practical session and case study we put your learning into context.

    Click here for information about our ISO 27001:2013 training programs!


    BENEFITS OF ISO 27001:2013:

    • Enriches the organization’s brand image and promotes your business.

    • Achieves compliance against regulatory and legal requirements.

    • Identifies risks and regulates to manage risk of information security effectively.

    • Protects clients’ and employees’ information.

    • More tender opportunities and gain status as preferred supplier by demonstrating compliance.

    • Gain customer and stakeholder trust by safeguarding their information.

    • Flexibility to adapt controls to areas of your business.

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    Empowering Assurance System (EAS) offers ISO 29001 certification and training for petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas industries.

    This certification ensures a quality management system for service and product supply of your organization.

    This document also enhances skills to perform second party auditing for suppliers and also for third party certification purposes.

    ISO 29001 is available for use by service providers to the petrochemical industry and manufactures of oil and gas industry.

    EAS has a long term involvement in the energy management for oil and gas industries and this makes EAS a preferred choice for ISO 29001 certification.

    ISO 29001 Certification benefits organizations which are involved in pipelines, transportation, production, and refining of natural gas and petroleum products.



    • To provide operational, support and technical services to the oil and gas industries.

    • For regular assessment and better communication leads to continual improvement.

    • To streamline your processes to reduce waste and improve quality.

    • To improve the way you handle the risk and increases performance.

    • To demonstrate your participation to industry best practice to stakeholders.

    • To gain your authorization to trade to upsurge prospects and contracts.


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